Visit Mahanandi Goloka during the auspicious days of Deepavali: Perform gopooja, offer gograsa, fill in your bucket of virtues

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Hosanagar: Cows have always been an inseparable part of human life since time immemorial. Cows were so much linked with human life that a man’s richness was valued by the number of cows he owned. Even the exchange of other commodities took place through cows. Cows were presented as gifts too.


It is not wrong to say that human life is completely dependent on cows. Starting from nourishing man by its elixir like milk – which is a substituent for mother’s milk, as medicines, gomutra-gomaya based products which help in agriculture by increasing the quantity & quality of the yield, environmental protection through control over the insects & pests and reducing all the diseases of crops, even for cremation of man, cow products are used. In this way, man depends on cow for whole of his life in one or the other way.


One can imagine indigenous cows’ greatness noticing the fact that it’s excreta itself is venerable. But the advent of modernisation has distanced man from cows. As a result of this, not only man is facing adversities but also the number of indigenous cows is decreasing drastically. We have to connect our lives with gomata in order to save her. It is for this reason that SriSamsthana is working tirelessly and had started the Kamadugha project for protecting, promoting, research and educating about indigenous cows.


Under the Kamadugha project, SriMatha has been running more than ten goushalas. The unique and iconic among them is the Mahanandi Goloka at Sri RamachandrapuraMatha, Hosanagar, Shimoga. Here we can find all the existing indigenous cattle breeds at one place. There is a unit for production of gomutra and gomaya.


For protecting anything, we must first have respect and devotion towards it. Devotion is expressed through worship. Like every year, this year too it is facilitated to express the devotion towards gou. On 08-11-2018, Thursday, gopooja is organised for the welfare of all gobhaktas in this divine land. All gopremis can offer the Shodashopachara pooja. Gopooja has great benefits. It is a way graced by the sages for washing away the sins which we did knowingly or unknowingly. Likewise, it is an easy way for gaining virtues by pleasing the gods & goddesses. We go near the cows, touch them while doing the gopooja. The air exhaled by them enter our bodies when we inhale the air. Gomutra – gomaya purify the area and the people there. Not only the scriptures declare, but also science accepts that all these reactions nullify our diseases and make us healthier. Let us all participate in such a noble of gopooja and offer our services. We can offer gograsa too at this time.


Remember that our offering for gopooja at Mahanandi Goloka shall be utilised for buying fodder for the cows in advance. Hence, we will be fortunate enough for offering gopooja as well as fodder for cows. We will be blessed when the cows eat the gograsa offered. Our one offering shall bring light into the lives of cows; so, let us offer the ₹500 contribution amount and register for Deepavali gopooja. The ones who have registered should be present on that day in Mahanandi Goloka. You will be made to offer the proper traditional worship to the calf and cow. If you aren’t able to make to the event, then the sankalpa would be done in your name and prasada shall be sent to you.


Let us take part in the indigenous cow protection movement by offering what we can.


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