International Cancer Scientist honoured with Saarvabhouma Award for this year


Mahabaleshwara Temple of Gokarna is not a source of income to SriMatha. It is only a medium for service. SriMatha has not received a single penny from the Gokarna temple, instead SriMatha has utilised crores of rupees for the development of the temple.
Our intention is only that good should happen, we do not have the selfishness that good should happen only through us. But it is Mahabala’s wish that service to Mahabaleshwara should happen through the SriMatha. When Mahabala Himself has given the opportunity to serve, it is our duty to bow down and serve, told SriMadjagadguru Shankaranaraya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji. Poojya SriSamsthana graced with His presence in the Dharmasabha conducted on the evening of 5.03.2019 for the sake of Shivaratri Mahotsava and said, change cannot be brought by a single person. Change is possible only with the cooperation of everyone. The positive developments that have happened in Gokarna in the recent years is really a matter of joy. The mindset of the people of the town has changed, the perspective towards the devotees has changed. The perspective that the devotee is God is being created, He said and expressed His joy. You should be ready to sacrifice if you are trying to bring a change. While bringing about a positive change there are few side effects along with it. But we have to receive it as Vishakantha and carry on with the good deeds,bHe said.


Many negative deeds were done in the SriMatha just because the Mahabaleshwara Temple was handed over to the Matha. While doing some good deeds evil will come along with it. We have to accept it positively and face it. Complete development of Gokarna is our aim, let’s join hands and achieve it, He called out to all.


Disorder during the administration of the government:
Months ago when the government took over the temple the number of people coming to the temple decreased, income was decreased, it became difficult to the government to pay salary to the workers in the Temple. In only 43 days of administration of the government the ISO standard of the temple was lost. This indicates that neither the people nor the God like the administration of the government.


During the administration of government many religious celebrations, ceremonies had to be stopped. But we insisted to Upadhivantas to carry on with the celebrations. Whosoever might be the administrator, but our concern is only that there should not be any discrepancy in the service of Mahabaleshwara, SriSamsthana informed.


Dr. Narayana Hosamane , scientist of the Gokarna origin, currently residing in America was selected for the “Saarvabhouma” Award for this year. Every year this award is being honoured to people who have worked for the sake of the society in Sri Mahabaleshwara Temple, this time Dr. Narayana Hosamane who has engaged himself in the research of the deadly cancer, known as the father of the “Boron Neutron Capture Therapy” and who has received many prestigious awards from more than 25 nations, has been selected for this award.


The ISO certification which was lost has now been received again for the transparent and efficient administration of the SriMatha, it has brought in joy amongst the devotees of the temple as it has arrived during the Shivaratri Mahotsava.


In the Dharmasabha, president of the Shivaratri Mahotsava committee Dr. R Mallan, Sri D. D. Sharma, the president of the Havyaka Mahamandala Srimathi Eshwari Berkadavu, Businessman Sri N H Illoor, retired forest officer Sri Nagaraj Nayak Torke, Member of the Taluk Panchayat Sri Mahesh Shetty and others were present. Srikshetra’s official administrative officer Sri G K Hegde welcomed all the chief guests.

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