Priority for Army personnel to get Lord Mahabala’s Darshan: An exemplary system in Gokarna temple


Karwar: A facility for direct darshan of Aatmalinga at Gokarna Mahabaleshwara Temple is provided for soldiers, including retired soldiers. In the temple which is running under the SriMatha, this facility was executed an year back under the guidance of SriSamsthana, with a notice board at the praveshadwara pointing out ,“Priority for working and retired Army-Men to get Darshan of God”.


Priority of Army-men:
Soldiers on showing the identity card at the temple counters,the members of the governing body will assist and take them directly for Aatmalinga darshana and provide facility for worshipping, said temple administrative officer Sri G. K. Hegde.


Our soldiers protect us irrespective of the rain, cold or hot weather conditions. We live comfortable life because of them who sacrifice their survival. It is unfair to make them stand in queue. With a thought of providing them with a direct darshan, this system was implemented.


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