PUC talent Krishna Sharma gets Puraskara from Peradaala Valaya


Peradaala, 17.04.2019

Kadappu Sri Krishna Sharma of Peradaala, Kaasaragodu who has achieved first rank for the state in Second PUC commerce branch was honoured by the Peradaala Havyaka valaya with memento and shawl in front of his parents Kadappu Sri Subramanya Bhat and Srimathi Sharada and family members.


In the meeting held at the Kadappu residence, president of the Peradaala Valaya Sri Hariprasad Permukha gave introductory speech. The head of the Ullekha of the Mahamandala Sri Govinda Ballamoole congratulated and said “Sri Krishna Sharma’s special achievement has brought good fame to his family and also has brought memorable immense joy to the school he studied in Badiyadka Shree Bharathi Vidya Peetha , Alike Satya Saayi Lokaseva institute, Peradaala Valaya, Mulleriya Havyaka Mandala, Gokarna Mahamandala and all of the society. Let him reach the greatest level in the path of his achievement and have great success”, he wished.


The president of the Mahamandala, Shrimaatha awardee Srimathi Eshwari Berkadavu was specially present and spoke congratulatory words.


On this occasion Sri Krishna Sharma spoke,” The important reasons for this achievement are blessings of SriMatha, Vidyapeetha’s teaching, meeting SriSamsthana and getting blessings before writing the exam, fortunate to participate in the Mahapaaduka Pooja.SriSamsthana’s blessings should be present further too. You have filled me with the self confidence to achieve something great in the future, I’m grateful to everyone”, he spoke some grateful words.

The coordinators of the Mulleriya Havyaka Mandala Sri Mahesh Sarali, Sri Keshava Prasad Edakkaana, Srimathi Kusuma Permukha, coordoof the Peradaala Valaya Sri Krishna Prasad Bhat Madippu, Sri Jayashankara Kulamarva, Gurikkaar Sri Gopalakrishna Bhat Alambinamoole, Sri Shyama Bhat Berkadavu were present.


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