Annual meet of gopremis ‘Gou Sandhya’ and moonlight food fest held at Amritadhara Goushala, Hosad, Muroor


Kumta: With the blessings of Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji, Sri Ramachandrapura Matha, the annual meet of gopremis ‘Gou Sandhya’ and moonlight food fest were held at Amritadhara Goushala, Hosad, Muroor. The whole event saw a huge success with the participation of gopremis and the public in large numbers.

Gou Sandhya is organised under the title ‘Govatta Namma Chitta’ (our minds towards cow) every year at Amritadhara Goushala where gopremis join together and celebrate the day in cows’ company.

Lingaikya His Holiness Sri Shivakumara Swamiji was offered condolence through observance of silence. His Holiness had supported Sri RamachandrapuraMatha’s cow protection campaign and he himself had been following it.

The stage programme was presided by Smt. Bharati Patil, the president of Amritadhara Goushala Hosad. She said that such a great event being organised amidst forest shows the hardwork and cow love of the gopremis.

Sri Dinakar Shetty, the MLA of Honnavar constituency and the chief guest of the event, was submitted request regarding construction of road to the goshala. The MLA said that he was in debt with the people and he had the responsibility of repaying the debt and perform goseva. He told that he would to put efforts to construct the road for goshala. He assured that the road shall be widened and new road shall be made. He also said that he would honestly work towards making the government grants reach the goshala. I have grown because of the blessings of Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji and I am a proud disciple of him. I shall always stand with him, he said.

Sri Pramod Hegde, founder of Sankalpa organisation, said that cow has been close to humans since time immemorial. We find the importance of cows in daily life in Bharatiya culture and we worship cow as mother and god, he said.

Our culture has given the place of mother for Kamadhenu who gives her nectarine milk for us. Hence milk and its items have special place in our appetite. So we have the responsibility of protecting her, he added.

Entrepreneur and film producer Sri Subraya Valke was saddened hearing that the goshala is under debt and he said that it is everyone’s responsibility to save cows. He declared a donation of 1 lakh rupees to the goshala.

President of Karavara Pahare Vedike Sri Nagaraj Naik Basgod told that it is necessary to perform service to cows to get closer to God and the nation shall be prosperous by protecting cows.

Interaction of children with cows:
In this programme, children were allowed to enjoy the company of calves knowing about the love they have towards cows and calves. The happiness children got from playing with the calves had no limit.

Remembrance of donors on the stage:
Many donors who gave their effort, money to the goshala in past 10 years were recognised and honoured on the stage. Being the members of goshala and supporters of cow rearing, they were the backbone of goshalas. Many donors who donated fodder and grass were also honoured. More than 50 donors were given the momento of cow products.

Respect to the cow rearers:
Many workers, volunteers who served day and night in Amritadhara Goushala of Hosad were honoured in the programme. Their work continues for 24hours of the day starting from collecting goumutra in morning. Remembering their continuous service, more than 25 workers were honoured and rewarded on the stage of Gou Sandhya.

Music and cultural events:
In the Gou Sandhya event, flute rendering by Sri Sudhir Hegde and singing by Kum. Ramya Bhat were conducted. Many cultural programmes by students of Pragathi Vidyalaya, Murooru and Saraswathi Vidya Kendra won the hearts of people.

The president of the goshala Sri Muralidhar Prabhu explained about the present situation of goshalas, in the programme where more than 3000 people had assembled. Treasurer of goshala, Sri Subraya Bhat told how goshala has been and being run. The programme was presented by Sri Arun Hegde and thanksgiving was done by Sri M.K. Hegde.

In this event, Kumta mandala president Sri Manjunath Bhat Suvarnagadde, Ankola Gou Parivar president Sri Nityananda Nayak, Sri Yogesh Raikar of Honnavar, Dr. G.G Hegde and other delegates were present.

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