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The past glory has returned: SriSamsthana

Vitla, Feb 11: Kings are protectors of Dharma. The word ‘Dharmabaara’ itself has become ‘Darbaar’. A Rajadarbaar is a court inclusive of the God, Gurus and Kings. That has taken place in Kundadka today. The glory of the past has returned as present glory, quoted Sri Raghaveshwara Bharati Mahaswamiji of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha.

Swamiji blessed us with the aashirvachana, at Rajadarbaar on the occasion of Punahpratishta Brahmakalashotsava of Kundadka Sri Vishnumurthy temple, Maada Shibarikalla Sri Malaraaya – Moovar Daivangala Temple, on Sunday.

After centuries, the historic darbaar of kings of Vitla was held. Kundadka is a place that gives prevalence to the Lord. The value for hereditary system is still present. It is being continued in the Vitla seeme and this is the evidence. The respectful village becomes the reason for supreme glory. The donations offered to the God will become the reason for development of the village. Rama is present inside the Grama. Pattabhisheka of Kings of Vitla should be conducted again. There is complete cooperation from SriMatha for this, said SriSamsthana.

V. Janardana Varma Arasu of the Vitla Palace was the President of the programme. Sri Mohanadasa Pramahamsa Swamiji of Manila Sridhaama’s Sri Mahalakshmi Kshetra rendered aashirvachana. Pattabhisheka of the king has to take place, glory of the palace should be brought back and everybody should cooperate to that, said Mohanadasa Paramahamsa Swamiji.

Sri Mohanadasa Pramahamsa Swamiji of Kaniyooru Sri Chamundeshwari Devi Sannidhi, Dr. Shashikantamani Swamiji of Balekodi Sri Shilaanjana Kshetra, Veda Murthy Kuntukudelu Raghurama Tantri, Veda Murthy Kuntukudelu Gururaja Tantri were present.

Historian Dr. Pundika Ganapayya Bhat gave a lecture on the Arasu family – Vitla Seeme. Vitla’s kings ruled Vitla which consisted of 19 gramas. There are records that show the attack of Tippu Sultan on the Palace in 1784. There are records that the kings of Vitla also participated in the freedom fight, he said.

The President of Brahmakalasha Committee Sri K. T. Venkateshwara Nooji welcomed everyone and set the context for the event. Sri Narayana Poojari S. K. gave the vote of thanks. The chief Secretary of Brahmakalasha Committee Sri Venugopala Shetty Maruvala, Sri Sripathi Nayak, Sri Nagesh K., Sri Padmayya Gowda Paisaari led the programme.


The titles of Sri RamachandrapuraMatha which a Rajagurupeetha and the King of Vitla were announced. The priest dedicated the prasada of Daiva temple of the Seeme. Donations from the family and the villagers were collected. Ashtavadhana Seve was conducted. Arasu family, Kargallu Nooji family, Kundadka Kudva Family, Kula family, Kundadka family, Gurikkaars of the Vitla seeme, Tantris, Purohitas, Srideva’s Chaakari family, Jeernodhaara and Brahmakalasha Committee Padadhikaaris wore ‘Kacche’ and ‘Peta’ while participating in the Rajadarbaar.

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