Baagina for ‘Lakshabhaaginis’: Devotees of Surabhi (Mother Cow) blessed


Bengaluru: Celebration of women at Girinagar Ramashrama on 22.02.2019. More than 150 of them, dressed in SriMath’s uniform, performed the kumkumarchana.


The women saw fulfillment when SriSamsthana blessed those women as ‘Deepa Devis’, who performed the deepa seva since 4 years at Banashankari and in front of Rama every evening in the form of Ramataraka Mantra for the good of SriMatha.


Three women who completed the goal of collection of a lakh rupees, received blessings from SriSamsthana in the form of baagina and saw fulfillment.


SriSamsthana gave guidance regarding the ‘Saavirada Surabhi’ plan and told that women should be the standing pillars of GouSwarga. “Many more women have to take part and achieve the lakh goal and have to take the baagina blessings. Women have an important role in bringing more people to GouSwarga” , he added.


On this occasion, receipt books for the Rajata Prabhavali of SriRama and Sri Guru Sannidhi were offered and blessings were taken.


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