A penace of Ramayana discourse to be held for the dawn of the MahaGurukula

Sri Samsthana

Honnavara: A MahaGurukula will arise in the ancient land of Ashoke, Gokarna. The place which has witnessed Sri Shankaracharya’s arrival will be the place for the Gurukula which will be capable of imparting all knowledge. The Vidyalaya will come up as a university in its truest sense. As part of this, SriSamsthana said that the Ramayana will be held at Bengaluru for about 6 months like a vrata.


In the discourse at the felicitation programme of Dr. M. P. Karki at the Honnavara Havyaka Sabhabhavana, SriSamsthana stated that conditional love is not love, rather unconditional love is the real love. Only when one has purity of the heart and soul can one sustain the love of the people for a long period of time. For the people who have understood someone’s heart, harsh words never hurt. The society should know the fact that the work done for the welfare of the people is not evil. They further said that both God and society will praise when one is a good person to all despite his achievements or failure.


SriSamsthana felicitated and blessed Dr. M. P. Karki. Honnavara Mandala Karyadarshi Sri Raju Hebbar delivered the vote of thanks. Adhyaksha Sri Manjunath Suvarnagadde was present for the occasion.


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