Diversion of Sharavati is unscientific : SriSamsthana

Sri Samsthana

Bengaluru, June 25: The proposed plan of bringing Sharavati water to Bengaluru is unscientific and illogical. This is disastrous for the western ghats which has the unique ecological diversity. His Holiness has urged the government to drop this unfeasible plan immediately. Instead, the government should focus on solving the water problem of Bengaluru through other means like rain water harvesting. We don’t oppose development, but it is today’s need that there should be a balance between development and ecological protection. No plan which is anti nature shall be stable. “Instead of planning to bring water to 1500 feet high Bengaluru from 400kms, uncontrolled growth of the city should be stopped, and a stable growth has to be achieved”, SriSamsthana has expressed in the notification.


“People already have suffered too much loss because of the already implemented Linganamakki, Kargal, Chakra, Savehakkalu, Varahi, Regusoppe, Gajanuru, Bhadra, Mani, Nagajhari, Kali projects. The western ghats is facing adverse conditions due to the projects which it can’t bear. Now, instead of repeating such mistake, administrators should focus on stable means like rain water harvesting to solve water crisis”, SriSamsthana said.


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