Pearls of Wisdom : Should We Pray Everyday?

Sri Samsthana

Should We Pray Everyday?


Once a disciple asked his Guru, ”why should we pray to God everyday?”


As an answer, the Guru gave  him a soiled piece of cloth and pointing to a nearby  pond said,
“Go to that  pond and fetch some water in this cloth”.


The disciple made  several trips to the pond to bring some water. But he failed in his effort because water leaked through the holes in the cloth.


The disciple told the Guru, “I could not bring the water with that piece of cloth”.


The Guru held up the cloth and asked the disciple, “How was this cloth before and how is it now?”


The disciple answered, “It was dirty then and now it  is very clean”.


The Guru said, “Our mind is like this piece of cloth. Daily  prayers wash away the impurities and keep it clean. This is the significance of prayer and we need to offer prayers to God every day”.

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