Pearls of Wisdom : Word Power- Series of discourse by H.H. Srimajjagadguru Shankaracharya SriSri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji

Sri Samsthana

Once a  child lived in a town with his parents. The child fell ill and no medicine could cure him . Meanwhile,the towns people invited a saint to their town as his presence would bring them happiness.

Hundreds of  people thronged to the saint to receive his  blessings. The parents of the sick child brought the infant to the saint with the hope that his blessings would cure their child. The saint  blessed the child and taught a mantra to them and said-
“Chant this  mantra  everyday; within a few days your child will recover.”

A person who was standing nearby overheard this. He asked the saint-
“holy man,  do you think this  mantra would cure the child who  could not be healed by any medicine or doctor.”

The saint looked up and shouted  at the man-
“Fool, get out.”

The man got wild with anger. He lost his cool and  lifted his hand to hit the saint.

With great calmness the saint spoke to the man-
“Look, if just two  words of mine could bring  about such a transformation in you, why can’t a mantra cure the child?”

A good word can bring about a great change in some one.
Goddess  Lakshmi and Saraswathi reside on our tongue. We should weigh each word before we utter it. Develop the habit of speaking good words of hope and encouragement.

Translated by : Dr. Sharada Jayagovind

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