When the pledge is fulfilled, everyone else will be left behind – Sri Samsthana

Sri Samsthana

Girinagar: When an individual fulfills their pledge, everyone else will be left behind. As a part of it, one becomes good and pious when they remember strongly that god knows everything that happens. Sri Ramachandrapura Math Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji remindedin his discourse that there are nuances that can be learned only when one is young and is perceptive.


This discourse was at the sixteenth day of the Dhara Ramayana series, held at the Girinagar Sri Ramashram. The discourse is being held with the vision of building Vishnugupta University.


His Holiness continued by saying that we need to understand that along with nature everyone has a share in our earnings. The amount of respect that we expect from others, we must give them equally. When the duty is not executed the way it is supposed to be, good things don’t happen in life. Fate never tolerates the ego. If there is pride, then the path of downfall is certain.


Continuing from the previous discourse, His Holiness explained more of the Ramayana. He continues from the point where Sage Vishwamitra continued the story of the Ganges. Ganga was thinking of washing Lord Shiva when it was her time to come to earth. Knowing this, Shiva unfurled his hair locks and stood up to tame the arrogance of Ganga. It was a special moment when Ganga touched upon this earth. After her pride was broken, the salvation of all the sons of Sagara is attained. In the discourse, His Holiness portrays a comprehensive picture of Sage Vishwamitra along with Rama and Lakshmana the stepping towards the kingdom of Mithila.


Ramakrishna Kootelu, the organizer of the Dharmakarma wing, shared the introductory remarks. Vinayaka N Bhat hosted the event.


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