Acid attack threat to administrators of Gokarna temple


A conspiracy of acid threat has been done to the appointed administrator Sri G.K Hegde of Samsthana Sri Gokarna Mahabaleshwara temple.
Around 11pm on night of 5.01.2019, when Sri G.K Hegde was returning to his residence after attending Amavasye Rathotsava at the temple, Sri Vishwanath Phaniraj Gopi came in a bike and said : There is a threat of acid attack on you in Gokarna. The acid bottle has been kept ready. There are people from Gokarna involved in. Be careful”.

Sri G.K Hegde has requested for police protection by registering a complaint in Gokarna police station regarding the issue .In the past Sri G.K Hedge had received threats on his life in the fake CD case and blackmail issue.

The localites opine that certain opposition people who are intolerant to the development of Samsthana Sri Mahabaleshwara temple under the administration of SriRamachandrapura Matha are the cause of such conspiracies to distract the society and discourage the volunteers of Gokarna.

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