Poetry constructs imagination in the eyes – SriSamsthana


Girinagar: The treatment to be given to the living world is given by the Paramaatma at the right time. Poetry builds up imagination in the eyes without any visual media. Only when the poet has information about the necessary matters poems can be created, said SriRamchandrapura Matha’s Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji.


SriSamsthana gave ashirvachana on the fourth day of the Dhaara Ramayana pravachana series being conducted in the sankalpa of Vishnugupta Vishwavidyapeetha in SriRamashrama in Girinagar.


The power of the mind has reduced after books were introduced. As the usage of equipments is increasing we are becoming weaker. The work being done has a value only when there is clarity about the work. Only when there is emotion, the song will have life. Music has the power to take the life towards the Lord, SriSamsthana informed.


When Valmiki Maharishi was in a dilemma about who will give Ramayana to the world, Lava-Kusha who arrived there, pronounced appropriately. Lava-Kusha who recited the shlokas of the Ramayana throughout the city of Ayodhya were spotted by Sri Rama and were summoned to the palace court. The situation where Ramakathe was being presented in front of the Hero of the story was described.


Sri Mohan Bhaskara Hegde couple offered fruits. On behalf of Aruna Chaudhari Kolkata Srimathi Sharada Jayagovinda dedicated oil to the Maha Deepa. Srisamyojaka of the Dharmakarma Khanda Sri Ramakrishna Kootelu gave the introductory proposal. Sri Vinayaka N Bhat anchored the programme.


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