Happiness is never constant in the world of creation – Sri Samsthana.

Sri Samsthana

Girinagar: Water that comes in contact with the divine person is known as Tirtha. One can become divine only when the mind is pure. Happiness is never constant in the world creation. Sri Ramachandrapura Math Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji said that if the sages set their sights on the divine while the cultivators would keep their eyes on the earth.


His Holiness blessed the audience with a discourse on the third day of the Dhara Ramayana discourse series. It is being held at Girinagar Sri Ramashrama with the vision of starting the Vishnu Gupta University.


Listening to the Ramayana can wash away sins and makes one pure. If a person has a pure nature, the moment they see lawlessness, it will be painful for them. If the status quo of the object is unrelated to the object itself, that thing is false. His Holiness said that one can do great work only if you forget the creation.


Valmiki listens to the story told by Sage Narada. Once he listens to the narration, he created the Ramayana Mangala shloka in the ashram. Lord Brahma came in search of Sage Valmiki. Although Valmiki was conceived of the Ramayana, the story put forth in such a way that the question of who would present this story to the world in the future was raised.


D.N. Bhat couple paid their respects to the peeta by offerings fruits. Pratibha Angadi and Shirshi Angadi dedicated oil to the main lamp. Sri Ramakrishna Kotelu, the organizer of the Dharma Karma section, welcomed the gathering. Vinayaka N Bhat hosted the event.


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