Shridhara Paaduka Pooja in Goa


Divine Paaduka of Bhagawan Sadguru Shri Shridhara Mahaswamiji of SriKshetra Varadahalli accepted Paadapooja and Bhiksha Seva and blessed everyone by visiting various devotees houses during the stay in Goa from 13/03/2019 to 17/03/2019.


Likewise our Havyaka valaya of Goa was fortunate to get a chance to perform Paadapooja on Ekadashi day on 17/03/2019. Paadapooja arrangement was done in Shrimathi Rekha and Sri M K Hegde’s place in Madagaon where the Mokkaam of the Paaduka Savaari was. More than 50 devotees of the valaya participated were filled with gratitude. On behalf of the valaya Sri D K Hegde and Sri Krishna Murthy Hegde couples performed the Sri Paaduka Pooja.


It was the good fortune of our valaya that such an unprecedented programme has happened.


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