Cow should not be reserved only for milk: Soolibele


Malooru: Cow should not be reserved only for milk, but should be understood as an essential part of many agricultural activities. Today, there is a circumstance where desi cows manure is not available as much as it is required for thr agricultural lands. Yuva farms will be organised with the help of Yuva shakti said, Sri Chakravarthi Soolibele.


He has taken up to social media to opinionate about his visit to Malooru Sri Raghavendra Goushrama to understand about the running of Goushale from the Kamadugha division of SroRamachandrapura Matha.


He said every go premi must be able to meet Sri Ramachandra Ajjakana who is an epitome of go premi, who has surrendered his life for cow and considers them his family. Every person must visit Malooru atleast once to understand the beauty of a a life led amidst cows.


Special duty officer of Gou shame, Sri Ramachandra Ajjakana, members Sri Krishna Bhat Hosakote, Sri Lakshmisha were present.


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