Seva Arghya at Mukharikanda: Govigaagi Mevu-Mevigaagi Naavu


Mukharikanda: As part of the ‘Govigaagi Mevu-Mevigaagi Naavu’ project of the Bajakudlu Amrutadhara Goshala which is directed by SriSamsthana, ‘Seva Arghya’ was conducted on 23.12.2018 at Seetangoli Mukharikanda; members of different clubs participated in it and served Gou.

Over the past few weeks, volunteering work was being held and fodder was collected from various sources for use at Bajakudlu Amrutadhara Goshala. Naturally grown grass in regions of Seetangoli Mukharikanda was reaped and transported.


This Goseva program was inaugurated by Puttige Gram Panchayat member Sri Chandra Mukharikanda through hoisting of the Kamadhenu flag. Kodimoole Dr. Suresh Bhat couple offered fruits. Gokarna mandala’s Kamadugha secretary Dr. Y. V. Krishna Murthy spoke during this occasion and said that the grass grown abundantly in different regions after the monsoon was getting destroyed without any use and the dry grass in many places had become victim to wild fire. This project was extended for these reasons. People who are not capable of rearing cows can serve the Gou by participating in this programme. People from various organisations assembled in the program, served Gou and have returned in gratitude, he said.


10 grass cutting machines were used to cut grass. More than 90 Gokinkaras loaded the lorries with the grass and transported it to Bajakudlu Goshala.


Kodimoole Friends club, Veera Hanuman Friends club, Women’s unit of Kodimoole Mukharikanda, the president of Mahamandala Smt. Eshwari Shyam Bhat Berkadavu, Ullekha head Ballamoole Sri Govinda Bhat, Dr. Malathi Prakash Bhat, Sri Shyam Bhat Berkadavu, Mulleriya mandala’s treasurer Sri Subramanya Bhat Gabbaladka, Ullekha head Sri Krishna Mohan, Jeevika department head Sri Satya Shankar Bhat, Sahaya Vibhaga head Sri Purushotam Bhat, Vidyarthi Vahini head Sri Keshava Prasad Edakkana, president of Kumbale valaya Sri Balakrishna Sharma, Gumpe valaya secretary Sri Subramanya Bhat Bejappe, Kumbale valaya secretary Sri Gopalakrishna Bhat, Kumbale valaya’s Seva head Sri Suryanarayana, other directors, coordinators, women and children participated.


The next Seva Arghya was decided to be held in Mukharikanda on 02.01.2019 at 2 in the afternoon.


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